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Leveraging its strategic partnership with the “best in class” equipment vendors and market leaders in satellite communications services, and integrating the following capabilities:

  • Multiple satellites;
  • Multiple frequency bands (C, Ku, Ka);
  • Multiple spot beams;
  • Multiple gateways (locations);
  • Multiple antennas per gateway;
  • Scalable forward links;
  • Multiple return link technologies (MF-TDMA, SCPC);
  • Multiple types of Satellite Modems (best fit in terms of cost and performance)
  • Multiple Service Providers/Virtual Network
  • Reception and transmission of IP data from-and to the satellite terminals

KOLAGEN TELECOM West Africa SA will be able to provide the various range of applications and services to meet its clients and the market ever changing needs and Service Level Agreement requirements.

Among those capabilities are fact that:

  • All management and control of the hub accessed via one centralized network management system
  • NMS provides amongst others; subscriber terminal management, resource management, performance monitoring as well as accounting information
  • The Hub manages the services offered to the customers in terms of bandwidth management, QoS management – traffic shaping, traffic acceleration and service level It also provides connectivity to the IP backbone (Internet or private network).
  • NMS provides amongst others; subscriber terminal management, resource management, performance monitoring as well as accounting information
  • The Hub manages the services offered to the customers in terms of bandwidth management, QoS management – traffic shaping, traffic acceleration and service level It also provides connectivity to the IP backbone (Internet or private network).

The portfolio of services provided by KOLAGEN TELECOM can be classified as:

a- Broadband Access Services

  • Consumer service
  • B2B Broadband Services
  • SME Broadband Access
  • Government and International Organizations Market
    • Rural Connectivity
    • School, Education and E- learning Networks
    • etc…

b- IP Trunking and backhauling

  • Corporate and Enterprise Connectivity Services

c- Media and Fast News Gathering (SNG, FNG);

  • Contribution
  • Distribution to TV/Radio Towers & Head-ends

d- Consulting and services Integrator

Broadband IP Services

Consumer service :

  • Broadband access satellite services for consumers to users who do not have terrestrial broadband access, but also as alternative with terrestrial services (ADSL, cable model, fiber to the home).
  • The broadband access services can be bundled with satellite TV services and
  • Including a single public IP address per terminal.
  • All traffic between the hub and the modem is accelerated and

Topology for Broadband access services:


Market segment:

  • Consumers
  • SOHO Networks
  • Interactive DTH
    • DTH operator adding interactive services (broadband access, Video on Demand, etc.) to improve existing offer to his customers.

B2B Broadband Services
> Enterprise Connectivity
Reliable connectivity to enables faster, and more secure transactions between entities no matter where they are.

The enterprise services include all communication activities within an organization:

  • Intranet, VPN, mail, client-server applications

Topology for Private Network Services


> SME Broadband Access

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) broadband access via a satellite network to connect offices on an individual basis. Including broadband access to VoIP services, and multiple public IP addresses in order to connect its public web or e-mail

Topology for SME Broadband Access Services:


Government and International Organizations Market
> Rural Connectivity
To support Governments programs:

  • to enhancing the connectivity to rural areas
  • to supporting its infrastructure within a region by connecting offices or sites to a:
    • Police-stations, fire departments,
      • may include Intranet, secured transport, CRM, client-server passport control services

> School, Education and E- learning Networks

  • From internet access connectivity, to extended service-intense networks including:
    • E-learning
    • Video conferencing and archiving services.

Depending on the region, the connectivity is either basic humanitarian or content-rich
> Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Use of satellite networks due to their specific role in order to be kept   away from public networks.

Services ranging from humanitarian connectivity to support of mission critical services.

IP Trunking & Backhauling

  • High Speed Point-to-Multipoint networks to provide high speed connectivity to several remote sites from a single central location.
  • International Trunking networks to connect local Internet Service Providers (ADSL, WIMAX, LTE as well as GPRS/3G providers) to the Internet


Topology for IP Trunking:


Cellular Backhauling

  • Cellular backhaul over satellite to refer to the link between BTS and
  • IP-based satellite backhaul for remote and rural areas to reduce costs while offering new opportunities for organic growth beyond already penetrated urban
  • Technology capability to support modems that can adapt to the instantaneous load in the cell.



Topology for Cellular Backhaul:



Consulting and services integrator

Service Integration

- Situation statement:

  • In their quest to more and more focus on their core business, mobile operators are looking for Strategic partnership within the industry to outsource the management of their satellite network portion, under a “full end to end managed services” including network management, network monitoring, with feet on ground with in country local presence.
  • But from most of the satellite service provider’s view this service is only marginally viable including risks associated with taking over of maintenance of remote sites in rural Africa, and outsourcing it (low margin standalone business).

Kolagen Telecom Solution:

    • In order to support satellite service providers with the new business model requirement from the Mobile operators, Kolagen Telecom will leverage its deep knowledge of the ground with the ability to setup if required local entity, to be the right “on ground” partner to provide in country support, to meet the contractual SLA obligations.
    • Its commitment could be summarized, but not limited to:
    • Setting up local representation/entity
    • Providing direct control, access and visibility of the field operations to the satellite service operator in order to deliver high standard QoS to the client
    • Provide administrative support to the client on behalf of satellite service provider, including:
      • Custom clearance, freight forwarder, local transport, etc…
      • Material delivery and on ground tracking
    • Field operations management: Including but not limited to:
    • Management of tools and material needed for installations, spectrum analyzers, power meters, PCs, GPS etc…
    • RMAs follow up
    • Security plans and rules setup
    • Periodic and timely reports
    • Sites preparations
    • Coordination between Equipment Vendor and Field engineer
    • Logistics and spare management
    • Site surveys and site audits
    • Kolagen Telecom to dedicate a specified number of engineers to be available to the partner for a specified total number of man/days per contract year.
    • Any request for additional man/days beyond the agreed total pre-paid man/day limit will be charged

Media and fast News Gathering


  • Video contribution to exchanging audio-visual content.
  • Radio Contribution
  • Fast News Gathering
  • Data & Voice Channels
  • SNG vans or remote fixed contribution points for data and voice in addition to live content

Topology for Contribution:

Distribution to TV/Radio Towers & Head-ends
  • As an overlay network to transport local programming or advertisements to the tower level in order to merge TV channel or multiplex with additional content in addition to the public and commercial TV distribution to TV towers.