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  • The VSAT technology is a real alternative for telecommunications business as well as corporate business, government and non-government institutions.
  • The concept of VSAT network covers a very wide reality, both in terms of technology and applications.
  • The main feature differentiating this system from other transmission technologies is the use of a satellite as a relay amplifier enabling a direct link between the remote or receiving antenna, and a central Hub system.

The operating principle is based on:

  • A central site (the Hub),
  • One or Multiple remote sites (VSATs).
  • The bandwidth (space segment), is usually provided by satellite service operators.

Depending on client specific needs, the network architecture or typology may vary from a single point to point, to a point to multiple point using star, or mesh typology. This system offers a multitude of benefits including:

  • High Availability Network,
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Broadband applications
  • Internet applications, video, audio, video conferencing, data, Media (Contribution, Distribution).

KOLAGEN TELECOM West Africa license allows the company to provide various services and full range of applications to commercial and non-commercial organization.