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The role and importance of the use of ICT nowadays in management in general and their impact on development is well established, so that organizations such as UNDP, in their efforts to assess national efforts to combat poverty, identified and introduced relevant indicators in the adoption of ICT.
The results on Communities in terms of Development are numerous and can be measured on the basis of international indicators such as the HDI (Human Development Index), and economic indicators such as GNP, GDP.
From this point of view, it is undeniable that access to ICTs is a fundamental right.

  • Rights for all regardless of the race, the religion, or the culture but also regardless of the location.
  • Rights for people both living in large cities as well as in villages.

Despite the advent of mobile telephony which has revolutionized the world of telecommunications, but also society as a whole, as never before, vast rural areas remain isolated from the global momentum of ICT, generally because the cost of their coverage by traditional infrastructure (microwave, fiber optics) does not justify the investment in terms of profitability.
And the satellite remains the most appropriate means to reach these areas. VSAT networks through the development of new technologies in satellite services currently provide affordable solutions in the most hostile areas.
KOLAGEN TELECOM West Africa SA, according to its Vision, aims to contribute to Community Development by providing innovative and reliable solutions for the technological needs of individuals, private and public companies with Professionalism.
We intend to create value and wealth for our customers as well as for our shareholders.
To achieve this, we rely on the following values which are:

  • Innovation,
  • Professionalism,
  • Integrity,
  • Can Do.

This is a great and exciting challenge, and KOLAGEN TELECOM West Africa SA intends to meet it.